Japan International Body Art Association / 日本インターナショナル・ボディアート協会Body Art Photo by Yukki Yaura/ボディアート作品:屋良有希

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Japan International Body Art Association

This association was established to dedicate, support and raise artists, and to develop knowledge and technology of Body Painting. Mastering high level technique and ability that is of world class level is the indispensable condition for artists to play an active part in the coming new age. The Japan Face Painting Association was founded in 2002. We have been actively promoting international human cultural exchange with the aim of propagating the spread of Face Painting. Under these circumstances, and with the interest lately in Face Painting and Body Art, which has rapidly increased, we are able as an independent organization to communicate speedily and directly with various overseas related organizations. The Japan International Body Art association was directly founded upon the Japan Face Painting association that has been recognized for its activities by overseas and domestic related people.

  • Date of foundation20.Dec.2008

    Japan International Body Art association was newly founded on the 20. December 2008 as the first Asian body art association on the same basis as the Japan Face Painting Association was founded as an NPO, and similarly, the new association is dedicated to the spread and enlightenment of body art.

  • Function
    • Seminars and workshops for Face painters and Body painters.
    • Conventions, Exhibitions and Competitions.
    • Joining Overseas Festivals, Conventions and Competitions and dispatching training tours.
    • Inviting top foreign artist to Japan.
    • Human cultural exchange with related organizations from other countries.
    • Publishing information through Web sites and issuing magazines.
  • Officer

    President:Yukki Yaura

    International Artist and Calligrapher, Collaborator on Films, Books, TV and Theatre.Director of J-S Centre UK, visiting University lecturer. Director of SPEC Limited.

    Vice president:Hitomi Fukai

    Face & Body Painting Artist, President of Non Profit Organization Japan Face Painting Association.Chief Director of Deco Deco Co. Ltd., Director of Women's Meeting of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of Non Profit Organization Japan Oriental Therapy Association.
  • Contact
    • info@japanbodyart.com

▲Calligraphy Body art work
by Yukki Yaura
from Peter Greenaway's film